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Monday, November 5, 2012

My Kiddos

Also known as “my children.” I have five so it makes a good Top 5 to say my Top 5 children, right?

1. Sunshine: Born in May, she is a Taurus, like her father and as bull-headed as both her parents. I admire her strength and character. She was so adamant about being on time to things she would be moved to tears when her siblings (or her mother) made her late. I am glad she’s like that and I tried as best I could to accommodate that part of her. Her birth was the most miraculous, in my opinion. It was fast, it was sure (my water broke at home) and it was magnificent. Her pregnancy and birth experience was so wonderful that I could not wait to do it again! And we did not wait long!

2. Princess: Born in October, she just turned 18. She is a Libra, which I never met one before her so I did not know what to expect. Again, another relatively fine birth experience, except I let myself be induced and I never wanted to do that again after her (I did, but that story later). She was a beautiful baby and really good. She refused to take a bottle, however, and we were pretty much stuck at home because of her, i.e.; no date nights, temple trips, etc. She also was not a good car traveler (unlike her sister). She was a self-soother though and sucked her thumb until? I do not know, actually. I admit that I fully expected both her and her sister to be boys. I guess all I ever knew were boy babies (that is all my mother ever had and all my aunts ever had (after me) except one).

3. Snap: Finally I got my boy! I was so relieved! I thought Superman was going to Make Me keep having babies and I was going to end up with eight girls, but that did not happen. Born in early February he is an Aquarius. He was a more difficult pregnancy but not horrible. He was my biggest baby at 7 lbs 11 oz. His birth was not terrible and completely natural. I wrote a Birth Plan and followed it. He was the one I drove myself to the hospital in the middle of winter while in labor. I had gone to the hospital with a couple false alarms so I wanted to be sure before making Superman stay home. Some of the cutest things about him was when he was a toddler he talked in “Double Dutch” as his Opa used to call it. He had full-on, full-blown conversations in his own language. Adorable!

4. Crackle: Born on my parents anniversary in July, he is a Cancer. A difficult pregnancy but a wonderful baby. Birth was semi-difficult. I was induced because the pregnancy was awful and I could not wait. I was given an epidural but it 1) Didn't work, did not even dull the edge. Nothing. & 2) Hit some kind of nerve in my back and screwed me up -big time- and is still the source of much of my lower back pain, migraines and shoulder tension. He was born blue and did not cry until they poked his heel to take the blood sample. He was a wonderful baby! He was so sweet and quick to smile. Also a self soother—read thumb-sucker—he slept best by himself (as opposed to our other babies that preferred co-sleeping). He was a snuggle-bug until he was …well, he still is, actually. He first crawled in the “army crawl” and was so much fun to watch. He was so speedy at it he could beat his walking siblings! His first words were “Woof woof” for dog. So cute!

RE: the XXYY Chromosome diagnosis: I knew something was wrong right away but it took me nine months to convince our pediatrician (yes, I switched). A year of testing before we got an answer about why he was not walking or rolling over or anything. We had him in therapy (Occupational, Speech) before preschool and then jumped into Special Ed preschool, which was lovely. A great teacher and I had no idea how hard public school was going to be once he started Kindergarten and I’ve been fighting for him ever since. He is worth it because he is one of my babies.

5. Pop: My baby. A Pisces. Horrible, horrible, horrible pregnancy. Period. Bedrest by month five until delivery. Gestational diabetes. Tributaline, ack! Awful. Terrible. They told me I had an “irritable uterus.” Yeah, well, that was certainly not all that was irritable! Delivery was…eh. I was not induced but because my labor slowed after I allowed the morphine-like drugs (Stadol?), I had to get a pit-drip (pitocin is what is used for inducement). I liked the meds though. You know the rainbows the animals see when they are tranquilized on Madagascar? Yeah. That’s real. As a baby he was amazing, just a reward for the horrible pregnancy! He has always been whip-smart and a source of entertainment for the entire family. He is still whip-smart and a source of entertainment for us.

So after all is said and done I now know one of each of the signs in the horoscope. Only my oldest daughter is a repeat. Crazy!

This is your brain on drugs...
Yeah, like that.

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