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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Playing by the Rules

Pop had his "final" football game. 

Well, maybe.

You see, the other team kind of cheated. No really. I realize I am the Mom and that I am biased (I fully admit it) but really.  They did. And it cost us the game. 

Here's the thing. It was 4th down and the opposing team said they were going to punt the ball. So we sent out our punt receiving team, not our defense (kind of a combo of both). The other team decided mid-play to run the ball and our players feeling kind of side-swiped didn't know what to do and their opponents scored. There was a big hulla-baloo on the field but in the end the referees decided to let it stand and they got to keep their six points. Unfortunately it wouldn't have mattered if we had kept our lead but in the end they beat us by Four. Points. Yep, four. So you see, that touchdown cost us the game and I think the coaches are fighting it but not sure it's going to matter.

We'll see.

Either way our boys played clean. There were some other incidents during the game and our team and our parents behaved appropriately. Not so much the other team. At one point one of the other coaches had to literally be carried off the field. If you thought pee-wee football wasn't exciting you should have been at our game yesterday! Booya.

So, here's the thing. I am a Golden Rule Girl. It's not so much about "the rules," so much as "playing fair." I'm  not necessarily about keeping rules if the rules are unfair. I realize that reality says that life isn't fair but that doesn't mean that I don't think it should be. Just because it isn't doesn't mean I don't believe in it. 

Did I lose you?

Basically for me the Golden Rule is I treat you the way I want you to treat me. I kind of expect the same in return. In the case of this team I believe if the tables were turned they would not want us to keep the points (ya think?) and that is my point. 

Coach A: Hey! You said you were going to punt and you ran the ball!?
Coach B: You're right. We saw an opening and we took it. Is it against the rules?
Coach A: I don't know. Let's check with the ref.
Referee: I don't have a clue. I'm just here for the food...

See what I mean. Life isn't fair. 


  1. That's so sad. Sports are great for kids when things are done right but honestly, what was that coach really teaching his kids?

  2. I get gray area. How much gray area is too much? And people wonder why kids are so messed up when it comes to right and wrong.


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