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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Best Ever

So, in my pursuit to discover How I want to do my reviews I was led to a site called Chick Lit is NotDead. I like the way they do the reviews and I read one that listed an author's “Best Ever” so today I've decided to share my own “Best Ever's.”

Best Artist:

The original post asks for “Best Song,” but I can't pick just one. From my childhood I would pick John Denver because we listened to him on our road trips. I do remember a lot of road trips, actually. From my teen years (when I actually actively listened to music) I would pick Pat Benatar. I knew every song and looked up and learned the meanings of a few idioms she used in her songs (this was before Urban Dictionary and Google, mind you) and that's a toughie because I liked everything from AC/DC to Rupert Holmes (Google it!) so I'm going with Benatar because, she Rocked. From my Country days I loved Reba and now?
Have I mentioned I listen to newsradio?
I'll have to say Adele. That girl's got lungs, man!

Best Musical:

Of course, I have a caveat. My favorite musical is Cats. But the best? I would say Les Miserables. I have read the book, seen every movie made (most do not follow the book, by the way), but the musical tops them all! The emotion is so well done and I cannot Cannot CANNOT wait for the movie version and very much hope it does not suck.

Best Movie:

Nope, I cannot pick one. I love Frank Capra, every Frank Capra that's ever been made. Google him. IMDB him. My favorite Capra is It's a Wonderful Life. I don't know that it's the Best Movie ever made. Wow. I don't know if I could just pick one. The Best Writer Movie is hands down American Dreamer. Hello, who doesn't want to get amnesia in Paris and think they're a spy who knows several foreign languages?
Every time I think I've seen The Best Movie Ever Made (Avatar was Spectacular, The Avengers was EPIC!) but a movie that makes me think or is cathartic (I say the same about Authors also). One life-altering movie for me would be Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa.
Wow. I feel obscure.
...or Old.

Best Book:

Again, I cannot pick one book. Are you crazy? I love all books, okay, not all. I have actually Not Finished some books. I know. I know. Hard to believe but that is true. So, the best book is (obviously, for me) the Book of Mormon, but outside of that I will have to say Authors. The Best Author (in my opinion) is Jane Austen. Oh? You want someone who's alive? Okay then. I have to say Jennifer Crusie. I also love Susan Elizabeth Phillips because almost every one of her books changes me. I cry. No, I SOB!

Best Moment:

Truthfully this one is easy. The Best Moment of my life was when my first child was born. (That would be Sunshine.) Considering I was told I would need medical intervention to get pregnant I thought getting pregnant was a miracle. For years I did not think I would ever get married or have children (I did believe this, I spent years doubting my worth) so I still did not believe that I could have a healthy child. When I was in labor I guess I believed it and when she was born I was overwhelmed and completely in awe of this tiny creature that was a part of me and a part of Superman.
Most definitely the best moment of my life.

So what are your bests?


  1. I can't be limited to a favorite anything. I love music, books, movies, and artists (both musicians and creators of art). There are even too many genres for me to pick a favorite. I'd really have to think about it.

    I haven't lived my best moment yet. I've had great moments but there is so much more to come!

  2. From my teen years (when I actually actively listened to music) I would pick Pat Benatar. Great stuff!


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