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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inside Out Beauty

This morning I was thinking about my blog (of course, because that's when I think about it... not when I'm sitting at my computer with a shiny keyboard SHOUTING at me! That would be TOO EASY!) and I really wanted to write about Beauty from the Inside. Inside Out Beauty (change the title; CHECK!). I think it's important to be Happy and Nice than it is to have a lot of makeup or even beautiful, wrinkle-free skin. 

Then a friend posted this: 

All I can say is ...Wow. 

On a personal note, Apparently I suddenly have Wash & Go hair. No, I could not have figured this out when I had four tiny children to chase around (#4 was born w.e.e.k.s. before #1 started Kinder!). I figure this out at the *cough-cough oddnumber *cough-cough. Yappari (Japanese for "it figures").

Here I am in all my Yellow Glory. Enjoy. 

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  1. I dream of wash and go hair.

    The video was so amazing. Watched it a few times!


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