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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Be Grateful

Saw this:

Billboard. Genius.

I've had some great conversations with friends about gratitude and how important it is to inner peace.

I think that's one of the biggest lessons I have learned is that by being grateful we open our lives for more goodness. Also, when you can recognize something as good thing, a marvel, or a miracle, you begin to believe that the Universe is not against you. 

Some days are definitely more difficult than others.

When you suffer from depression finding the good and choosing to be happy can be an insurmountable challenge that only others who suffer from the same disorder can seem to comprehend. I read an amazing letter today written by the incredible Stephen Fry to a fan about depression.

Basically he compared depression mood swings to the weather. Sometimes you wake up to a dark and cloudy sky, but the sun will come through, eventually. Of that, we must have faith, and we know it's true because it has happened. It does happen. That alone is something to be grateful for, that someone gets it and can so eloquently explain it. That the sun coming out and shining brightly happens, maybe not consistently but at least reliably.

I can see the good in my life and the tender mercies of "the Universe" in my life, or I can choose to believe that they are coincidences. I can also see the bad things and believe I am being punished. Which is better? I think choosing gratitude--or GrAttitude; an Attitude of Gratitude (as I like to call it)-- is by far a better choice then; "Life sucks. And it's my fault." 

Oh, I admit freely that it can be a difficult thing. I still struggle to look for the good in every day but I can do it and I have found that by making it a habit I can do it easier, faster and with real sincerity.

I think it makes all the difference. 

Today (and other days this week) I was without a car. I cannot take my kids or pick them up from school or outside events. It's annoying. But I also see it as an opportunity to Stay Home and get some things done. That is a blessing. That is a good thing, I think.


Be grateful.

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  1. Perspective is key. I love that you see what I see. Gratitude makes life better it just does.


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