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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Plan aka The Schedule (shed-yule)

I actually have a plan for my blog. I’ve had it for a while and tried to stick to it but it hasn’t worked out so well. I kind of re-worked it and here it is:

Sacred Sundays: I plan to blog about my beliefs. Things about God. Maybe things about being a Mormon. Maybe things that sound like “the Universal Spirit.” That’s okay too.

Momma Mondays: Are for my family. I’ve been trying to think of cute names for my kids since I think they need pseudonyms. I suppose most of the people who read this blog actually know me but if you don’t I should protect my kids.

My girls are (essentially) out of the house and I will call them Sunshine and Princess. I have been calling them DD#1 (Sunshine) & DD#2  (Princess).

My boys will be called Snap, Crackle and Pop. I don’t know if I can keep this straight but it sounds fun.

And the husband?
I’m going to have to think about that.
Superman—he’s from Pitt, so “the man of steel” –get it? Plus he’s buff & a stud.
That’s my family.

Beauty Tuesdays: (It's called assonance, peeps.) Beauty. I have a lot of ideas about beauty. It is a huge subject for me. I always felt ugly growing up. My hair was wrong. I wore glasses. I sucked my thumb so my teeth have always been crooked. I have had braces twice but they still aren’t right & now I have damaged teeth that I can’t afford to get fixed but I still feel beautiful.
I feel beautiful from the inside—not on the inside—but from. It matters.
I know I’m beautiful.
I know I’m loved.
I think all women should feel that way.
I wish I could wave a magic wand and all women would feel beautiful and loved.
I worked hard for it and I have earned it—okay, had it, lost it, earned it back.

Watchful Wednesdays: Watching, and reading. Stories are my thing. I want to talk about the stories I’m watching, reading and (hopefully) even writing about. I love stories.

Thankful Thursdays: I have been keeping a gratitude journal for two years? I’m not sure but it has helped tremendously during the bad times.
The bad times have not ended but neither has my gratitude.

Fit Fridays. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am always dieting. Just because I know I’m beautiful doesn’t mean I don’t think I can’t use improvement. I don’t want to talk as much about weight but about feeling healthy and fit. I have Fibromyalgia and it affects every part of my life! The more I eat poorly and don’t exercise the worse I feel.
I know this.
I need help, and encouragement!

Suggestion Saturdays: Optional. Meaning the topic is optional. Maybe if I actually get comments or emails I can talk about stuff that other people bring up.
Comments! What a thought.

So that’s my plan.
September 2 is day 1 of 365.
Happy Birthday to ME!

*I know my alliteration & assonance is annoying as all get out but ... it's my blog, I get to be corny. 


  1. Great plan. I will agree, he should be referred to as Superman!He be cool!

  2. Thanks. Yah, I think he's cool like that. ;)

  3. I don't want to show my ignorance, but what is the point of pseudonyms when your blog/twitter/facebook (and photos of their faces) is on the net anyway, and as you said, everyone who reads your blog knows who they are? Don't get me wrong, the names are cute--my niece does the same thing--but I just wonder --why?.

  4. I know. LOL Not everyone who reads my blog does know me personally. Truthfully the only one who cares is Superman...

    1. The pseudonyms seem to be a blogging phenomenon (OK,I didn't have to look up that word, just try spelling it a couple times!), probably because most blogs are public. Guess it's a good thing I'm not a blogger, then. Since my husband and children are all on FB, and only one is under 21, their names/faces are already out there, and I use the privacy controls --such as they are--and try not to post anything too embarrassing that will show up and make trouble for (my hubby) the Bishop/businessman.

  5. Well I think Snap, Crackle and Pop are Excellent pseudonyms. And Sunshine? LOL, Princess!!! Haa Haa!!!! Superman fits. I must be a villain because he still makes me quiver in my boots...

    Good luck with the "Plan". I'll be following along....


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