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Monday, September 3, 2012

School is Starting!

I've considered homeschooling. Really. But I don't have the personality or patience to do it. And my kids only kind of want to do it. Superman hates the idea so without that support it's easy to send my kids to school.
I like school for many reasons. Probably the main reason is because I get several hours to myself.

Is that bad?

My baby, Pop, is now starting 5th grade. As a matter of fact, this year is his last in the elementary school because in our district they move over to the middle school in 6th grade. He will get to go to Outdoor Science School. Snap went, Crackle did not. I went with Crackle & his class to Fort Tejon instead.
But I digress.

Today is the last day of summer. Our district has been teasing us by saying we will be moving to a different schedule where our kids will start in mid-August and be done in May. I don't know about that but I would like three weeks off at Christmas. It's not happening this year, not sure if it ever will... as long as it matters to me anyway. 

Seminary will start on Thursday this week. Snap needs to take Driver's Education so we can get him his permit ASAP and start Driver's Training and he can get his license at 16. I have been spoiled. At least Snap gets himself up. He will come wake me up and I just hop up and get in the car and off we go. He is almost always on time when it's just him!

Have I mentioned what an awesome kid Snap is? I've been worrying lately that he will turn into one of those Alien teenagers this year. My difficult year was Sophomore year. Oh, well, I was no picnic any year but my Sophomore year took the cake.
Sorry Mom.

So school is starting and we are back on a "normal" schedule again (the other reason I like school). I need the schedule but I'm not very good at it. Another reason Crackle is difficult for me because he would be better off with lots of routines but I don't really work that way.
Yeah, my parenting book is called Spontaneous Parenting. Oops.

So we are starting school. The kids all have lunches, new shoes and backpacks and the car has plenty of gas. I am super excited about Pop's teacher. He got the same one Snap had and SHE ROCKS! Pop needs a nice teacher that can tolerate his precociousness.

Crackle is still plugging away at his new high school. They have 3,000 students. Did I mention that? I am a little afraid for him but excited too. We got a note last week that he is getting a bus pass and they will be going on "field trips" around town. They are learning him how to get around. 
That could be good...
and that could be bad.

Snap is taking an acting class. Oh. Boy. No football for him, which made me sad, but he is saying he will participate in another sport later. Hmmm. I love football, so I'm sad about this. I looked at his schedule and it might be a good idea.

"That's another reason I didn't want to play football Mom," he says."Uh huh," I say, because he did not know his schedule when he made that decision.
It's okay. I still love him.
I'm excited to have a better year. I will only have three children at home and can focus on their needs and start being the kind of parent I've always wanted to be.

That starts with getting to bed so I can get up.
'cause in the morning, I'm making waffles!


  1. I make waffles often. My favorite are Rice Waffles with little bits of cooked rice baked in. They're especially good with maple syrup.

  2. mmm. I did not make waffles. I barely got up. :/ I might make them as an after-school snack. :D


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