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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I celebrate my birthday for the whole month of September.
...because I'm worth it.
Basically that means that I wear Pink every day and make time for myself doing things I enjoy... without guilt.

Things like reading and sewing. Maybe a movie. Like American Dreamer.
C'mon Rebecca be brilliant. I want to go to Paris!
It's a writer movie.
I might watch some Capra. He rocks.

So... the Pink every day makes me feel feminine. I like feeling feminine.

I grew up around boys. I was never much of a Tomboy but I was alone. My brothers would play Barbies with me, they with their full-size G.I. Joes, but it was not my kind of playing. They wanted to shoot each other and take Barbie hostage, that kind of thing.
They were definitely boys.

I never felt pretty growing up. I had buck teeth and crazy hair. It's naturally curly but not in a good way. Not like Charles Schulz “Frieda” who always looked styled.

My brothers did not help. They called me, “Four-eyed, brace faced big hunk of lard.”

I know I grew out of that phase but it took me a long time to get over it.
When I met Superman the very first thing he said to me on our very first date was,
“Hello Beautiful.”
Yeah. I was a goner.

Even after five babies (pregnancy weight and all) and multiple colors of hair and identity crises galore, he still thinks I'm beautiful.


It's lovely.

But really, I think I'm beautiful. He doesn't have to say it, I just know.
Isn't that wonderful?

I wish every woman felt that way. I say that all the time. It's true though. I want every woman to feel beautiful. It's a wonderful feeling! And...

Truth Is, You Are Beautiful!

Believe it!

One of the things I want to start, or go back to, if you will, is my Mary Kay business. My consultant status ran out because I had not placed an order in over a year but now I want to restart it, for several reasons.
  1. I use the product. I love the product. They are coming out with new stuff all the time that is AMAZING! I want it.
  2. I want to teach others how to use it to feel beautiful. I learned how to apply my make-up using brushes and it's awesome. I want others to learn this skill. It makes make-up fun! I get to “play” with color every day. My face is my canvas!
  3. Surprise to me but Mary Kay is recommended for people who have Fibromyalgia. Really! Cool right?
  4. I don't want to pay full price and I am offering discounts to anyone who wants to buy from me.
  5. It's a good business model, but really I want to sell it mostly so I can teach the brush techniques.
So stay tuned to find out more about my Mary Kay Adventures!
I have to make some money first... it takes money to make money you know.

Finally... here is my Pinkness for today...
Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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