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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yeah. I write.

I keep telling myself I am a writer. I believe I am a writer. So write, right? Yes, well, easier said than done, unfortunately. I recently read a blog post by one of my favorite writers about how she knows more about craft than she should and I’ve been giving that thought. I agree that some craft knowledge is essential but when does it interfere with creativity? Also, if you don’t try then you never know if you are good or a hack.

I think I can write. I don’t know about my fiction writing but I know I can write a decent paper for school. I journal a lot but I don’t know if what I write in my journal is worth reading. Some of it bores even me, and I wrote it!

So here is my blog. My goal is to have something posted every day. Each day has its own assignment. Today is Thursday and the assignment is to talk about what I’m reading or watching. I am currently reading an old Nora from 1991. It’s a series about four sisters, the kind I like; a romance with a touch of paranormal mystery. No crazy, loony, bad guy, yet, just the sisters and their home and their guys.  It is a simple story, predictable but suitable for a brain break.

Typically I like romances but I have been reading science fiction lately and loving it. I am in need of suggestions. Yes, I’ve read The Hunger Games (and saw the movie, more about that another time).  Yes, I’ve read the Twilight series. I just finished The Host (also by Stephenie Meyer) which I liked (surprisingly). I have some Orson Scott Card sitting around but I’m afraid I won’t like it. I’m kind of picky.
But then again, I did like The Host.

Next week I start my last “English” class for my Bachelor’s degree. I’m sure I’ll be doing some writing (and reading) for that so I might learn something [snicker]. Keep posted.


  1. I like classic sci fi - Douglas Adams (a little wierd but he has absolute gems in them - some of my favorite quotes are from his books). I personally would start with A Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul. I love Jules Verne - the granddaddy of all sci fi. Also Ray Bradbury's Short stories. Modern sci-fi? I bet you have a brother who might know....or at least some of his friends!

  2. Thanks Tonia. I am going to check those out.
    Also, thank you for posting. I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog sometimes. :)

  3. I like your blog! I love well worded sentences and you write very well. I just had my sis-in-law send me an article about how no one comments on blogs anymore. She has a tracker on hers that lets her know how many read it each week. Every week she has something like twenty legitamite people read her little family blog (the tracker separates spam from other sources - with the spam it's like two hundred people). Point being - no one comments anymore but it doesn't mean no one is reading!!


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