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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Family Business

Some of you know that the Bolton family (of which I spring) is heavily involved in the tradeshow registration business. With over forty years in business, Registration ControlSystems (RCS) prides itself not only on their state-of-the-art technology but also on close client relationships. Those relationships are rooted in trust and respect. Loyalty and excellence; enthusiasm and innovation are keywords for every RCS employee. A family-owned and operated business, one third of RCS employees are related and everyone is considered family.

A family business is defined as a business that is owned and managed by one or more family members. A positive reputation with customers is the most important business goal for 44.6 percent of family-owned businesses nationwide.* Evaluating the quality ofservices or products and analyzing customer satisfaction on a continual basisare the most widely used business planning practices in family-owned companies. A crucial part of managing quality is employee motivation and participation. Family-owned businesses include a unique dynamic of related family member employees and non-related member employees. Motivation to maintain personal freedom, rewards for meeting challenges and goals to increase family security by building the business are all success perspectives unique to family-owned businesses. Family-owned businesses tend to focus on efficiency, improving customer service, improving decision making, decreasing defective products and services, improving teamwork and increasing productivity. Family owned businesses concentrate on creating an outward focus on customers and an inward focus on operations to improve client relations and product offerings.

The RCS family of employees includes fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, in laws, etc. It also includes “family” of close friends and loyal staff-members with no less than five years, and many with more than twenty years of experience in the business. RCS believes direct contact between clients and their assigned team members is the most efficient and effective way to provide excellent service which also allows us to provide quick and flexible responses to our clients. To us, every event is the most important at the time it is occurring. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal, as a business and as a family. These statistics show why our Clients are so important to us!

Stay tuned for more *fun* trade show news! 

*Danes, Sharon M. “Business Planning Practices of Family-Owned Businesses” University of Minnesota.

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