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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have recently, as in the last few years, discovered the joy of accessorizing. I fell in love with shoes first, then moved on to bags, handbags, backpacks, totes, etc. I am now a connoisseur of a variety of accessorizing and trying to get into the scarves thing but haven’t quite grasped it yet. That new look is so awesome but I’m just too hot to do it (and you can interpret that any way you like).

My favorite accessory has to be shoes. No matter what size I am my feet have stayed the same. If I was smart I would have kept those cute shoes and sandals I paid good money for in the 80’s because those funky boots and Cherokee sandals are back in style now. My shoulder-padded dresses are just too dated for my daughters to wear but I bet they’d get a kick out of my chunky, wooden-heeled leather boots I had!

I have a great collection of shoes which I try to pare down every now and again, but it’s so hard! Especially when you know, just know, it will be in style again. Unfortunately for me I don’t have my own “shoe and purse closet” so I have to make sacrifices now and then. In the last couple of years, however, I have just bought those crates and stacked them up in my closet and rotate them with the seasons. You know flip-flops for summer, flats for fall, boots for winter and sneakers for spring. It’s only logical. I have a fettish with ballet flats right now and just can’t get enough of them. I’m thinking about silver…

As far as bags go, well, I have one for every season, and then some. Since starting school again it’s been a necessity to have a backpack. I’ve been pretty good with that one as I usually just use the Breast Cancer backpack I bought at their site. It pretty much goes with anything I own because it’s in my basic colors; black and pink. If it isn’t pink, what’s the point?

My niece told me that she “allows” herself a purse budget and buys a new purse every month or so. I liked that idea and had my eye on a really nice red bag and was fortunate that I found one on sale at Target. Then I got a black bag via Mary Kay, very nice! And that one goes perfectly with my pink and black backpack. Right now I’m using the Hawaiian one I bought last year on my visit with my brother. I’m sure I’ll switch again soon, the weather is warming up.

My latest craze has been jewelry. I love earrings. I can’t leave the house without a pair of earrings on, I feel naked! I really need to keep a pair in the car for those days I leave in a hurry, i.e.; naked! I recently discovered Park Lane Jewels (thank you Leslie!) and have had the time of my life accessorizing with that stuff!!!

Hats? I don’t do hats. I look hideous in hats. Hats are my bane. Bandanna’s however I find very fun.

Really, when you’re chubby, like me, it’s good to know how to accessorize efficiently. It helps when you’re skinny too. Accessorizing can be loads of fun no matter what your size, or even species for that matter!


  1. Haha! I have gotten really into shoes and purses too lately. I told Andy he should be worried cause I am growing up to be a realy girl, LoL.

  2. I look ridiculous in hats too! But you sure do look cute in that scarf! =)

  3. aw cute. join my blog at

  4. Cheap earrings make me break out in a rash, my skin attacks anything metal (just eats it away) unless it is silver or white gold. That leaves me with plastic and rubber. I love a good scarf in the winter (dangle it from your purse when inside) or bandanna. Shoes are cute but I am too tall for anything but flats and the nerve damage in my foot limit even those possibilities. Too much to think about. I guess I'll leave the accessories to everyone else.

  5. Don't forget purses, Cherie! LOL


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