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Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am a journal-er. I always have been. I think I got my first "official" journal at the age of twelve and I still have that one. It took me several years to fill it up because while I had that one I also filled up notebook after notebook. It was mostly my day-to-day boring life activities, but also I would share my thoughts about life, religion, food and my concept of "self."
I am also an avid reader. I love, Love, LOVE to read and romances are my favorite. My favorite author of all time is Jane Austen. Her technique of unraveling a story while revealing characters traits and flaws appeals to me as well as her classic heroes and heroines.
My favorite contemporary author is Jennifer Crusie, because her stories are complex and her characters dynamic. She is also very funny and her novels climactic scenes are comical, complex and fulfilling, in every sense.
I have lots and lots of story ideas, many of which are hidden inside my multiple journals but most of which are lurking in my mind dying to get out. My characters are constantly moving around and evolving in my head and every now and then I will see something or think of something and have to rush for pen and paper to jot down the epiphany before it is lost forever.
Typing comes easy for me, easier than trying to write longhand so I've decided to start this *blog* (even though I have a bit of an aversion for blogging) because I have running monologues in my head and I just need to dump them out! So here I am, for all the world to see and critique.
I just needed to do it. I want to be a writer, and technically I am a professional writer because I have been paid for my work but not in the way or manner that is my dream.
I dream of embarrassing my family by having a raunchy romance novel parked on the checkout stand at the grocery store. I want it to SCREAM my name and have everyone I know blush because the cover is so Not Me. That just makes me want to laugh! :)
So this blog is for my brain-draining. And I appreciate any and all visitors.


  1. Welcome to blog heaven Kat! Love that you have a blog!!!!



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