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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Gratitude Project, Part 2

I have to admit I'm having way to much fun with this. As you'll see with the pictures that follow:

2. Wikipedia
3. Where I live, Acton, CA
4. Feet, particularly my feet

13. I am lucky to have been friends with Gypsy since either before or since I was born. Our moms were best friends and we grew up together much like sisters. We have been fortunate to keep our friendship and it has flourished over the years.

14. Wikipedia is kind of an odd thing to be grateful for, but I thrive on learning and it gives me a brief overview on a subject and use that information to find more information. It's a little crazy but I am extremely curious and it satisfies some of that.

15. I love living in Acton. It's small, rural and people take care of each other here. We moved here about seven years ago and I love it. Acton feels like home, like no place I've ever lived in my life.

16. Can you tell I was feeling a little desperate for ideas when I posted about my feet? The truth is I do like my feet. I have worn the same size shoe since I was twelve. So I can say I can still fit in the shoes I wore in high school (and I might still have them too)!

1. Family Movie Nights
2. My oldest son, Captain America, aka The Cap
3. Middle son, Hulk
4. Youngest son, baby of the family, Batman

17. We love to watch movies and some TV shows, but mostly as a family. We love to be together and be entertained. It's the time together and making jokes about what we watch later. 

18. How much can I say about my kids? My oldest son is awesome. He is Captain America to me. I rely on him for so much physical help. He is a good kid and I'm proud of all he does.

19. My middle son is my challenge but I feel perpetually blessed because he is part of our family. Hulk was born with XXYY chromosome disorder and as a result I have a full-time job keeping up with his needs. He is worth it.

20. We were done having kids when we had Hulk. Then we felt there was another member of our family and decided we would have another, God willing. That's how Batman came to being. He is a joy to have around, a bit precocious but a delight. (I'm sure his siblings would disagree, but I find him a Joy!)

1. Princess, my baby girl
2. Our oldest child, Sunshine
3. Having a roof over my head
4. Going to church

21. Our little Princess is every bit a Princess. She's sweet and sassy; fun and flirty, and just wonderful to have around. She was gone last year for several months but decided to stay home and go to school this fall. I love having her around, when we see her...

22. Sunshine is not living at home these days and I miss her terribly. Poor child got all our mistakes and parenting fails and yet she still seems to have turned out mighty fantastic. She's working, going to school and basically supporting herself. I call that a Parent Win! 

23. While I complain a lot about what our house isn't, I am thankful to have a house and to live where I want to live. It's not horrible just a lot of wasted space. That space, however, keeps our home cool in summer, which has its value.

24. Finally, I posted some pictures of church. I serve the little kids (18-months to 3-years-old) and I love it. I've been there a while and some are telling me it's time for a change. I'll be sad when that day comes. I love the recharging I receive from going to church. 

Six more days!

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