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Monday, September 2, 2013

50 Things To Be Happy About

1. Today is my birthday!
2. I am not 50!
3. I have two more years to “get it right.”
4. I have an awesome family
5. That I love very Very much!
6. I have a lot of amazing friends
7. Online and offline
8. Who inspire me to be better everyday
9. I have amazing parents
10. Who are still alive and support me
11. And called me today to sing to me (I love it!)
12. I have one best friend outside my bloodline that
13. Is my sister in every way that matters.
14. I have five brothers
15. Two are waiting for me in heaven
16. And I believe that!
17. I love and admire my oldest brother and who he is.
18. I love my younger brother who is also my writing partner, business associate and
19. One of my very best friends.
20. I love my “baby” brother, who makes me laugh
21. All. The. Time.
22. And I admire who he is and his opinions.
23. I love my husband.
24. He is also my best friend and
25. Favorite person to spend time with.
26. He makes me want to be better.
27. I have two beautiful daughters (and I’m not just saying that).
28. My oldest daughter is valiant, hard working and
29. I don’t worry about her decisions
30. Even though I do worry about her (of course!)
31. Daughter #2 is fun and beautiful and
32. I’m happy to have her around
33. She’s just fun.
34. My oldest son is a ROCK!
35. My middle son teaches me patience and makes me feel loved.
36. My baby is spoiled and I like spoiling him.
37. I love where I live
38. I like learning
39. I have hobbies I enjoy
40. I get vacations and “time off”
41. My birthday is the beginning of the holidays
42. I am a Christian
43. I am a Mormon
44. I get to stay home with my kids
45. I get to go to school
46. I get to work with my family doing what I love, Writing!
47. I believe in forgiveness, especially forgiving myself
48. Failure is a learning experience.
49. I have more time to keep being better
50. I’m old but I’m not that old.

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