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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meet the Parents

So I didn't write a post for Mother's Day or Father's Day so I thought I'd elaborate on my parentals now. It's my Thankful or Thoughtful Thursday post (I am skipping my Review Wednesday because I've been behind all week and this is the one post I've actually had in my head all week!) and I am very grateful for both my parents. They are both amazing and wonderful people even though they are very different from me and from each other.

Well, hopefully I am not so different from them but I fear that I probably am.

My Parents 1959
My mother was born in Oklahoma and raised in California by a (mostly) single mother. All she ever wanted from life was the white-picket-fence life she never had. She got that, for the most part, although my father left her to do a lot herself because he worked so much. I won't say she never complained but she was always appreciative of my father's efforts.

There are six children in my family. Five of them are boys. Then there's me.

My mother and I did not get along when I was a teenager. I was difficult (no, not much has changed...) so I do not blame her. However, I do think she thought I was going to be more like her (read: good) as a teen than I was. I also think she hoped I would be more compliant (What?) and less stubborn. We clashed.

As an adult our relationship greatly improved as I realized how FREAKING Awesome she really was and how much she did and always had done for me and my sibs. My mom was pretty much always around so I didn't know what it would be like to NOT have her around until I was the one that left.

My mother is the most thoughtful person I know! She is the one that remembers everybody's birthday and makes sure to send a card. If she's late sending one she feels terrible and will call to tell you it's on it's way. She makes food for people, good food! My mother is one of the best cooks I know (I did not get that gene!) and if my father were a different kind of man he would weigh 1,000 pounds!

My mom is the one that wrote to me when I traveled all over the world. She sent me letters and pictures regularly. I always knew what everyone was up to because of those letters and pictures. I still have them.

Once I had children of my own I really realized how wonderful my mother was/is and grew to really appreciate her! She would laugh her head off when I would tell her things Sunshine would say and do (even as a baby). She cries with me when I talk about the difficulties with Crackle. She encourages me when I tell her I want to be more than "just" a mom (terrible of me, I know, but it is what it is). In short, my mother is now one of my very best friends! I love her more than I could ever express in words (even me!) and I doubt she knows that.

My father was born in Canada and raised in the boonies until high school. His entire family moved to California in the 50s. He was raised with both parents and gaggle of siblings. He has always been a hard worker and proponent of education.

My father got his BS in Physics from Cal State L.A. while married (with children) and working nights in the Dairy department of Safeway. Around the time I was born (#3 of 6) he finished college and got a job with TRW working on the Apollo program. He had a little something to do with that whole Apollo 13 thing... If you ask him he will show you his five-inch-thick manual he wrote for it!

In the early 70s he started his own business and has been an entrepreneur most of my life. In the beginning he worked long hours, seven days a week (or so it seemed to me). Nowadays he still works (although he should be retired) but mostly from home, which he has done for a long time. Because of my dad's hard-working efforts my mom was always able to stay home, which is what she wanted.

My Parents 50th Anniversary
My dad has always been my Super-Hero. Even though he was gone working so much when I was young, I still thought he hung the moon. I think it's a little-girl thing, but I'm not sure. He has always made me feel special.

My father is the smartest person I know. He is also the most optimistic and most stressed out person I know. That might sound conflicting, but if you know him you know what I'm talking about.

He is calm, he is kind and he is funny. At least I think so. That is the dad I know.

I only remember him ever being mad at me less than a handful of times. I know my brothers have different stories, but for whatever reason he has never really been mad at me. At least not to my knowledge.

My dad is the pillar of strength in my life. Next to Superman (my husband), I admire him the most. I strive to make him proud of me but know that really, he will always love me no matter what. Actually, I know this about both my parents.

I feel so very grateful to have had two parents that love me, make me feel loved and are still together after 50+ years! I know that's unique and I still lean on them in many ways.

So this is my *sort-of* tribute to my parents.

Happy Mother's/Father's Day, Mom & Dad!
And Happy Early 54th Anniversary (next week) too!!!!!

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