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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Obsession or Escapism

I keep avoiding posting to my blog because I don't know what to say. I feel bad because I committed to posting every day for a year and I've been neglectful for several weeks.
I don't have a "good excuse." I've written a few things --as explanation-- but not sure it matters so I'm just going to jump in where I am.

So, I've started watching Arrested Development. I haven't watched the new season that's only available on Netflix because I'm one of those that doesn't like to jump in at the end of the game so I'm starting from the beginning. I'm currently on Season 2. I'm a little obsessed and cannot stop watching. Ugh.

I do this.

I don't mind so much but it's distracting, to say the least.

I read entire series at once because I can't stand the suspense. And here I am watching complete series. Recently I "absorbed" Call the Midwife and all of Mad Men and now I can't watch the new season because we don't have regular TV.

Another series I'm addicted to is ending tonight, Psych. I buy the episodes via Amazon because we can watch those via our Samsung Blu-Ray player. I suppose I could buy the Mad Men episodes and also, The Glades --all of Season 3-- which has yet to be released via Netflix. Ugh, so frustrating.

With summer break starting soon I hope to watch all of the Star Trek (original and TNG) TV episodes as well as introducing (indoctrinating?) my children into Doctor Who. I'm not quite convinced yet but I hear so much about it and being a student of story, I'm interested to see what all the fuss is about.

Oh, and yes, I'm still watching Buffy (Season 5) and Angel (Season 2).

I do have other things to do. I surround myself with my "To-Do" list, including my sewing, knitting and currently, about four loads of laundry to be folded. Yuck.

What else is going on?

  • Sunshine has three dates this weekend with three different guys. Booyah!
  • Princess is living at home, kind of. Most of her stuff is at her "Nannying" job but she mostly only works on weekends. During the week she's here making a mess. LOL 
  • Snap is working hard (maybe?) and practicing for a musical performance on Friday.
  • Crackle is doing okay.
  • Pop is at Six Flags Magic Mountain with Princess today. 
And stay tuned! We have an exciting addition coming to our family!


  1. Do you fold, knit or sew while watching? I have a hard time not getting those things done so I either do it quick and 'reward' myself or do the task while watching. Just wondering.

  2. I usually do something but not always. I allow about an hour of TV watching a day (sometimes more if I'm feeling particularly bad). I can't knit or sew when I watch because I can't hear the TV well enough to depend on my hearing alone.


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