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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Suzanne Somers

Whether you know her from Three's Company, Step by Step, the Thighmaster or her latest foray into health and beauty, she's persistent if not eloquent.

She made her battle with breast cancer public, which I found admirable. I read her autobiography and while I might not have agreed with all her life choices I certainly understood them. 

And, you have to admit she still looks pretty damn good.

Oh, I'm sure she's had work done, but I still find her fascinating. 

The fact that she got Oprah and Dr. Christiane Northrup as backup on her whole bioidentical hormone bandwagon says something. I tend to listen to some of it, you can dismiss some things but it makes sense to at least see what she has to say and what Dr. Northrup thinks. They might surprise you.

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