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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oh The Places You'll Go!

This year’s Rose Parade theme is Dr.Suess’s Oh The Places You’ll Go and I have decided to take that idea to heart when making my plans for this year. My goals are intended to “take” me someplace and if they are not taking me in a direction I want to be going then it’s time to scrap them, trash them and just toss them aside for ones that will take me to the places I want to go. So with that theme in mind here is my list of Places I want to Go!

1. My Spiritual Place:

This is a place that I feel at peace with myself and with my God. If He is with me then I know I can handle all the other garbage that is tossed my way. I also know that it is losing sight of this phenomenon (and Yes, I consider God-With-Me as a phenomenon—natural or contrived I suppose depends on me!) that throws me into places I don’t want to go, specifically to a dark place, a place that doesn’t open or allow for others. Others depend on me, still, whether I like that or not, and this dependence requires that I be “on” for at least some things or the whole thing just falls apart. What things? Oh, my family, for one.

2. My Physical Place:

This is a place that is generally free of pain. And if it cannot be free of pain, than at least it has to be free of complaint. My physical place includes a place of health which means I watch what I eat (no, not watching that donut go to my thighs…) and I MOVE my body! It means stretching and toning and being active ::sigh:: or trying.

3. My Dreaming Place:

This has mostly to do with where I want to go. I want to finish my stories and make them available to others… whatever that happens to mean (traditional publishing, epublishing). I want to blog—I have discovered there is much to be said for the ability to come home and write an editorial piece on any subject I feel like. It helps me to have daily themes but it’s not mandatory, which is awesome!

4. *Real* Places:

Like, a cooking school (there is one in VT I got my eyeballs on—King Arthur Flour!) & graduation. Maybe start Graduate School (not in a huge hurry—lol) in OR. I have to think about where my “career” is going. I realized that my 10 year plan is now down to about 7 or 8 years. How did I lose two whole years? LOL

5. A Social/Emotional Place:

For me this means reaching out of my comfort zone. It turns out I’m an introvert who doesn’t need a lot of personal interaction. I do like to be “around” people but I don’t need to be around people. That makes sense to me. I am happy in my online social networks (maybe too comfortable) but I miss some people. I miss some interaction, but not most. I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings but I also don’t want to commit to things (places) that I cannot fulfill.

A couple of the things I want to commit to this year is more participation in writer’s groups, including joining RWA and attending in Orange County. That’s a monthly commitment that includes a trip to OC and a visit with the BFF/PLLAATSABIDSA (oh Darn). Unfortunately that also requires some monetary commitment which I never have money so that might have to be part of the goals. Which it is, I covered that in my post about my career and work related writing.

I tend to stick with fives. I realized that I didn’t write about my tendency toward fives and I thought I had. I have five kids. I make goals in fives because I read that more than five can be overwhelming and less than five isn’t really pushing yourself.

Maybe that’s why I had five kids?

HAHAHAHA.ha.ha. h…


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