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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review: Eloisa James "Fool For Love"

Fool For Love (Duchess Quartet #2)

Eloisa James

Published by Avon Books, July 2003

Paperback, 373 pages.

Listed $6.99, I borrowed it from the Library.

Book Description:

The Woman

Lady Henrietta Maclellan longs for the romantic swirl of a London season. But as a rusticating country maiden, she has always kept her sensuous nature firmly under wraps -- until she meets Simon Darby. Simon makes her want to whisper promises late at night, exchange kisses on a balcony, receive illicit love notes. So Henrietta lets her imagination soar and writes...

The Letter

A very steamy love letter that becomes shockingly public. Everyone supposes that he has written it to her, but the truth hardly matters in the face of the scandal to come if they don't marry at once. But nothing has quite prepared Henrietta for the pure sensuality of...

The Man

Simon has vowed he will never turn himself into a fool over a woman. So, while debutantes swoon as he disdainfully strides past the lovely ladies of the ton, he ignores them all...until Henrietta. Could it be possible that he has been the foolish one all along?

I really Really REALLY liked this book! I liked it better than the first one. Lady Henrietta reminded me a little of myself; headstrong, opinionated, acts before thinking, a true romantic and a dreamer. I liked her a lot! Simon was also an enjoyable character. Although a bit of a "dandy," surprisingly, he wasn't self-absorbed. Even though the description says Simon, "disdainfully" ignores other women, I did not think it was mean-spirited or hurtful. 

Both characters were likable and I cared about their romance. It was a little racy in places and would not recommend this book to those that are offended by semi-descriptive sex scenes. I like also that we get to see some of the characters from the first book (the point of reading a series). 


I especially liked Simon's two step-sisters. They were definitely well-written and the author knows her little ones! The scenes with them were particularly hilarious and/or wince-inducing which I enjoyed immensely!

The only criticism I have is with the final chapter or epilogue. The entire book has details of a certain pregnancy and uncertain parentage of said babe, but the delivery time and date is simply overlooked. No discussion or even mention of what would have been a definitive moment for both characters was odd. I felt that was an oversight of the author; which may have been intentional as this is book two of four. 

I just picked up book three from the library so another review is pending in this delightful series!

Next up: Book 2 of Brenda Novak's Whiskey Creek series; When Snow Falls.


  1. Hi there! it's Eloisa (someone sent me a link). I just wanted to assure you that the news you're looking for about Esme's baby is in the book three of the series -- all four books follow Esme's story as a minor link. I'm so glad you liked the book so much! I'll post your review on my Facebook page soon.
    Happy Holidays, Eloisa


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