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Sunday, December 16, 2012

SOS Report Days 18-24

Better late than never...?

1. Christmas Movie:

Sunday Christmas Angel with Della Reese, Kevin Sorbo & Teri Polo. This was a recent release but we found it on Netflix! It was cute but trite. I found the story nice but not compelling.

Monday Dreamworks Holiday Classics A bundle of Dreamworks pictures with the Shrek cast, Madagascar cast, including the Penguins and a Dragon training holiday! 

Tuesday All She Wants for Christmas A semi-cutish, hometown rescue movie of a Christmas decoration factory. Typical mis-communication keeping true loves apart. Other than that, I liked it. 

Wednesday A Golden Christmas, A Golden Christmas 2: 3 Holiday Tails I watched both of these together because they both feature Golden Retrievers (which will be the breed of my "next" dog) and I watched the first one last year (but forgot). The first one is better. It features a boy-meets-girl story and stars Xander of Buffy. Yay! The second one has K.C. Clyde of The Best Two Years and was also cute. Both about childhood "sweethearts" reunited. 

Thursday One Magic Christmas This was another one that I watched last year. Featuring a very young Mary Steenburgen as a frazzled mother facing eviction, husband's unemployment and a myriad other "typical" Mom issues but has no joy in her life. A Christmas angel is sent (Gideon) to help her re-believe. There is some tragedy and heartache but she learns what is most important to her and gets a chance to show the true spirit of Christmas.

Friday Holiday Engagement Not willing to face her family without her fiance', a girl hires an "actor" to pretend to be him. Hilarity and true love ensues. Liked this one a lot!

Saturday Shadow Island: The Last Christmas A murder-mystery of sorts with a treasure hunt, family intrigue and mental illness. No family Christmas would be complete without it! 

2. House & Home:

Sunday -- Saturday Just trying to stay afloat. Made dinner relatively consistently. Minimal housecleaning. It all goes to pot when Mom feels like dirge.

3. Write:

Not quite a "fail" but not successful either. Really need more accountability or alone time or guilt or something.

4. Serve:

Another area I am failing at. Ergh. Once my Christmas baking gets Started and Finished then I can work on giving goodies away. Other than that I am limited to just trying to be the best mom/wife so at least my family is blessed.

5. Pray & Read Scriptures:

This is an area that I actually feel good about. I am listening to my scriptures and taking time to mark and make notes about my thoughts and feelings about what I'm reading. I am caught up with the Sunday School lessons and should be ahead soon!

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