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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ronald Reagan? The ACTOR?

One of the best lines of the first Back to the Future movie is when Marty tries to convince Doc that he really is from the future and tells him that the current POTUS (I just figured out that this means President Of The United States--if I knew this before I do not remember so now it's cool to use it. Yeah, that's me, cool usage of political slang...) is Ronald Reagan. Doc's response is, The Actor! Which is, of course, hilarious. Because in 1955 that was pretty much Ronnie's claim to fame. That and his somewhat scandalous divorce from Jane Wyman (think she ever regretted that?).

Anyway, the point being that today we headed out to the Ronald Reagan Library located within about an hour's drive of our home. Considering we live so close, none of us had ever been there before. My parents gifted us a day there to view the Disney (D23) collection. They have been there before. Of course, because they live out of state. Anyway, we scurried through most of the Ron stuff and went straight through to the Disney Collection. There were pictures of the original Oswald Bunny (Mickey started out as a rabbit... I knew that, but forgot). Saw the iconic picture of Walt that someone copied with Ryan Gosling's face (which Princess did not hesitate to point out as RG is one of her heartthrobs). 

There were several costumes and replicas. Most of the good stuff was covered in glass. An entire section about the Marvel acquisition, the Pirates movies and the Hall of Presidents, which was actually a tad creepy. 

Overall, a good time was had by all.

A good gift!

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