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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Pride is bad. I'm not certain if there is a "good kind" of pride. I know I am "proud" of my children when they do something good because I feel like I have either a) taught them something worthwhile & they were listening, or b) they learned goodness in spite of me. Is there a better word for that? I don't feel like I am better than anyone else, just that I am grateful to see them doing things I think will make them happy. 

Sometimes when my pride is put in check because of the actions of another I am shocked. When I am complimented, given a gift, or told I inspired someone I am honestly surprised by that. I wonder if people saw me, the "real" me, if they would even talk to me. Then there are those who DO see the real me and love me anyway. That flabbergasts me. 

Thank you.

Thank you to D. who gave me a gift today that cracked me up. I loved your Christmas letter, it was newsworthy without being braggy. My favorite! You inspired me! (I am working on my letter. Every year it tortures me.) Thank you for always telling me that my blog inspires you. I cannot tell you how much that means to me!

Thank you C. for always listening to me and reading my stuff and telling me you believe in me. Thank you for thinking I could actually finish something and make a living at this amazing job of writing. I need to borrow some of that so I will believe enough in myself to DO it, finally!

Thank you G, my brother. You are my best friend. Thank you God for bringing you into my life when I was 11 and for being a boy even though I wanted a sister. 

Thank you L (aka Gypsy/PLLAASABIDSA) for always loving me. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. It baffles me. I will never get tired of your phone calls. I will always be your sister. Always. And you and I will someday be old ladies wearing purple with doggies in our rocking chair laps. It's gonna happen

Thank you Mommy for loving me and always making sure I know it.

Thank you my children for blowing my mind with your goodness and love.

Thank you Daddy for loving me unconditionally all my life and making me feel special and sometimes even smart.

Thank you Superman for loving me more than I even imagine and am surprised that you still do. After everything I know you love me. Thank you for marrying me for eternity. We deserve each other and I'm thankful God knew what we needed even though you and I had no clue. 

Thank you TT Ladies, Betties and Cherries for always making me feel like I can come to you with anything, ask you any question, tell you anything and you still make me feel "normal." (Normal is as Normal does around here, I guess!)

Thank you Universe for giving me spiritual acuity. I have no idea why or how I got such unwavering Faith but I thank You for it. And I thank you for the blessings that Pour into my life when I least expect it. 
It's kind of crazy.

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