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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Season of Sanctification: Day 7 & 8

Tuesday and Wednesday, November 21-22

1. Christmas Movie: Tuesday we traveled, so no movie. Wednesday I watched half of two movies we found on the Hallmark Channel. I love that my mom and I like the same kinds of shows!
First we caught the second half of Christmas Song which I really liked. Glee style stuff. I recognized the girl from Eli Stone but nobody else. 
Then we watched The Case for Santa Claus with cutie Dean Cain and Rachel Blanchard (of Clueless the TV show fame). Super cute & the girl is still adorable. 

2. House & Home: Tuesday we traveled. I cleaned my bathroom and the kitchen. I made sure the washer was empty before we left. I am happy that we will be coming home to a clean house. Although I will be doing laundry for a while... catch-up, the funnest game for Mom! Said no mother, ever.

Wednesday I helped as much as I could with dinner prep and making sure my mother was not bothered. I also dusted the downstairs (which I am sure nobody noticed). I tried to make myself available to my mother even though I was in a lot of Fibro pain. I finally got into the jacuzzi (because I could) just before dinner and felt much better. I feel even better today! 

3. Write: Not much either day. Traveling and subsequent travel-exhaustion are lame.

4. Serve: Tuesday I tried to help Superman with getting everything ready. He had the boys wash the car (Really?), took Snap for a haircut (Really?) before packing. He was frazzled as usual for a travel day for us. We arrived in St. George too late for dinner but Grandma had some stuff available, including the yummiest eggnog ever made! (Southern Comfort brand, really.)

Wednesday I tried to be available, as I said, for dinner and etc. I don't think my children or I were bothersome (I hope). The cousins played together pretty well and took the two 10-year-olds out when I got in the jacuzzi. 

5. Pray & Read Scriptures: I feel that I am always praying. I see requests on Facebook and immediately comply with a short prayer. I currently have several people on my mind. One is a man from our area that belongs to our church and I know him from a distance. He is a good man & in need of prayers. For more information click Here.
The second one is a family I found on Facebook (I cannot remember how I found it). The father is a military man and the mother is in need of prayers. For their information click Here.

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