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Monday, November 26, 2012

Global Warming.

In general I think extremism is poppycock and I think it's insane to get all hyper about controversial stuff. Until recently I believed that "global warming" was a bunch of stuff and nonsense ...and in some ways I still do... but the issue is generating some good things that need doing so I'm not sure if jumping on the tree-hugging-environmentalist bandwagon is necessarily a bad thing.

I definitely believe in the National Park and National Preserve program. I think it was a great thing Roosevelt (both of them) did to create them and enhance them. I do not like that they have turned Yosemite and Yellowstone into tourist spots where the natural beauty has been altered to the point of near destruction (some parts are destroyed, the natural beauty and wildlife that once lived there is gone completely).

Some articles I have read recently discuss the impact of humans on nature. This article talks about Greenhouse Gasses. Those are the bad ones. Those are the ones created by the burning of fuels and the resulting toxic gas is released into the atmosphere and causes a "warming" effect.

Another article I read discusses the ozone layer, which was a big hulla-baloo when I was a kid, and how the whole is getting smaller. This is a good thing.


  1. Oh I have the BEST cartoon for you. I think it hits the spot in re where your thinking is heading...

  2. LOL That was awesome! "for nothing"
    Right! ;)
    Oh and I need to attach the link to the Ozone article!

  3. I wish I had something smart to say here. I think the "controversy," as far as you've explained it to me, has always been too "political" for you and where you never argued about "facts," you felt they were manipulated to make the point of (insert your favorite political party/agenda here). Where I totally agree that 99% of all statistics are made up on the spot (tongue firmly placed in cheek) I think my understanding of "green house effect" are those I learned in Mr. Yett's Geology course, OCC circa 1988 (G_d he was cute). He explained that the simple fact of people on the earth (inhaling and exhaling, warm bodies, persperation, etc.,)was the major impact on an environmental change and given that we now have, what?, 7 billion?, people on the face of the earth, might be making/adding to this effect.

  4. My brother said that humans can affect climate change but it's limited to their locality.
    Interesting perspective. The truth is that they are saying while the Ozone hole is smaller, the damaging "Greenhouse gasses" are raising. I am not claiming human impact just reporting the facts, ma'am. ;)


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