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Friday, November 9, 2012

Bocce Ball Body

Today I report on how I’m doing with my physical state.

What I can tell you is that Excedrin Migraine is back on the market.

This makes my life so much easier. That and my Gabapentin is kicked in so I’m feeling pretty good, generally. I am not eating “clean” and I have not been exercising except for doing approximately 50 crunches five days this week.

However, that being said I think I am only physically good for one game of bocce ball per week with the shape I’m in. Also, my weight is argh. It makes me mad. I have been doing some yummy cookie making and even a little bread and rolls. Oops. Yummy, but not good for me.

Rather than go on and on about what a loser I am for how I have been eating or not eating I want to talk about what I am going to do differently this week. I would like to add two days of walking this week as well as continue my sit-ups and add at least two days of full-body strength training.

My eating needs to change to more vegetables. I am considering the Dukan with nuts and cheese, but I doubt I can stick to that, it’s a hard one. And I don’t really believe in a “diet” so I need to just figure out what is and is not okay for me. I want, No NEED, to reduce the amount of carbs I’m eating and replace them with healthy fruits and vegetables. I am thinking of adding fresh fruits, which I have heretofore avoided because of my commitment to the Metabolism Miracle, but truthfully I think fruit & smoothies, yogurt would be way better than eating cookies, plain bread and empty simple carbs. YATHINK?

So, here I am, on the brink of the weekend and thinking about being more active, eating more fresh foods and reducing the amount of simple carbs. So maybe next week I can report a little more activity ability then a stinking Bocce Ball game. 


  1. Bocce ball is exercise. Okay wimpy exercise but it is exercise. Have you considered adding weight. I my case ankle weights. I do it every day. It makes wimpy exercise a little more substancial. I do wrist weights for part of the day too. Okay not the wrists every day but the ankles every day. Cheaters exercise for sure but it is getting to the point I miss them when they're off. I'd get a vest if they weren't so expensive!

  2. I have weights. I don't walk, that's not it. The strength training is (for now) actually done without weights. It's mostly the stretching and flexing. I add weights as I get stronger. I'm just chicken because even just a little exercise can (not always) cause me massive pain for days. :(


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