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Monday, November 19, 2012

Because... First of all... 5/40

Honestly not feeling it today.

So much to do. so many people home. Such a small house. I think I'm going to post my blog, pack my bag for the trip and just call it a night. I'm mentally and emotionally zapped.

Have I shared the First of all story yet? I have I repost this loveliness from August 15, 2011!

Several years ago my friend (Gypsy) and I joined an online group called “Crappy Advice.” The premise was , obviously, that the group would give you tongue in cheek (aka "crappy") advice to your posted problems. I proceeded to complain about some issues I was having with the PTA I was currently involved with at the time. The response I received began with, “First of all, you have too many children, get rid of a few.”

Yeah. I laughed. A lot. And now, whenever I feel overwhelmed all I have to say is, “First of all…” and my friend gets it! I have five children. All mine. All delivered naturally with virtually no medication. All with the same father, to whom I am still married, happily.
The pressure to be a good parent is enormous. My idea of good parenting is having a good relationship with my children so that they know no matter what I love them. I also believe in a bit of a loose leash. I try to trust them until they break that trust. Truth be told I am sure that some think I’m not a good parent but fortunately I only worry about what I think (and God, but that’s another post as well). I have been lucky in that my husband and I generally agree on discipline and expectations. There are few differences but for the most part we are united. That helps.

It is strange to me to reflect on our family when the kids were all little, in elementary school or even before and see the progression in parenting needs and style. It is very different to have four teens at home than it was to have four preschoolers. I am glad I enjoyed my children when they were little and glad I can enjoy them now. With all the challenges and trials I would not get rid of any, not even a few.

Shortly after I wrote this post Sunshine left for college. Princess left this last fall and now I have (just) three kids at home but it is still a lot of work. I joked today that I think it's going to take me until February to get caught up with my laundry... not really kidding though. I have a lot of blankets and sheets and towels that I did not wash (just washed the same few over and over) because they sucked being dried on the line. Superman and I joked about the "cardboard" towels. Yeah, it's that bad.

Anyway. I still love my kids and I am very excited to see all my family this week but yes, it's exhausting and I'm probably stressed out and anxious. Also because... First of all... 

Goal/Report for today:

1. Christmas Movie: Watched the Veggietales version of It's a Wonderful Life called It's a Meaningful Life. It was cute. I like Veggietales though. I think their Jonah movie is awesome. If you think they're too religious then ...yeah, they are. But it's Christmas!

2. House & Home: Laundry up the wazoo. Still have more to fold/sort/put away/ hang up. Oy.

3. Write: Blog? Done (once this posts--lol), Nano? Ugh. Maybe after packing if I have any energy left. Work-related? Not yet, but that's only 500 words and I might. Writing does relax me and I need to relax. I also did not do the school work I wanted to do but it's okay, I can do some of that as well or at least by Wednesday because it's technically not due until Sunday so I'm good.

4. Serve: I made some difficult phone calls today. When you get older you have to report things like friends parents deaths. It makes me sad. RIP my lovely friend. You are a wonderful person and will be missed.

5. Pray & Read Scriptures: This too may or may not be done after all is said and organized. 

Major anxiety issues today. Not sure if it's dietary or emotional or what but UGH! I do not like it!

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