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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I love storytelling. TV makes it easy. It also proves that there are as many ways to tell a story as there are people in the world! I enjoy almost all of them. I think all people are unique and have a story in them. Some people are a walking Drama, others pure Comedy, but everybody has a story. Our misunderstanding or just plain ignorance of their story is what makes us misjudge others. We just don’t realize how much like us they are. Once we do we can accept the difference. I believe this is the answer to World Peace. Okay, well maybe not, but it might get us closer.

One show I keep being referred to over and over again is Doctor Who. I have watched it a few times (several different seasons/doctors) and never really got it, until yesterday. I finally figured it out. Dr. Who is to the Brits what Star Trek is to us. Kind of. That one took me a while. The episodes I’ve watched so far basically tell us to be sure we have the whole picture and not to prejudge a situation. Much like Star Trek (and its many incarnations) Dr. Who teaches how to be human via non-human beings interacting with others. I am looking forward to more of this.

Another show I am very excited about is a new one for this fall. It’s Go On with Matthew Perry. Perry plays a Sports radio host who just lost his wife. He is required to participate in a group therapy session before returning to work and his interactions with this group is the premise. Matt Perry is not extremely versatile as an actor, but he knows how to be funny. Even in a show with a sad-ish theme, he is hilarious. I have already laughed and cried while watching this show. And if you miss Friends it also fills a little bit of that void (for me anyway).

And if you're not watching Modern Family then you are not getting enough laughter. Seriously. You will die. The Gorilla and the Elephant. Seriously? Laughed until I cried! Really.

Of course, Bones is back, and as fun as ever. I love this stuff. I just have to remember that I can’t eat while watching this show. This week’s episode featured a severely charred body and not-so-friendly banter between my favorite leads; Booth & Bones (Dr. Brennan). We also have not seen enough of the babies yet. Baby Christine was shown the first week but Angela & Hodges baby hasn’t made an appearance yet.

I have to purchase all my CBS shows because they won’t do Hulu. Which stinks for me because that’s all my CSIs (sans Miami, which got canceled—BOO HOO!), the new show Elementary, with Jonny Lee Miller (LURVE!), and The Big Bang Theory. Beh.

I watched the new Mindy Project. I liked it alright. I didn’t love it though. Bill Hader (SNL) was in the beginning which I did not expect and I love him! Love, love, LOVE Bill Hader! I admit that I’m watching SNL again… Haven’t watched that show since the 80s. Kristen Wiig is gone now but Jay Pharaoh, Bobby Moynihan, Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers, Vanessa Bayer and Bill Hader make me laugh. 

I haven’t seen The Office yet. It’s just not the same without Steve Carell!

I just finished a book and I was able to predict the “big secret.” That kind of irritated me. I complained to my family and they said it was me. Is it me? Am I getting too smart for regular reading? I don’t know. Then I wondered if I was supposed to figure it out. Is that what the author intended? I’m not sure but I do that when I’m watching a movie or TV show and it makes me crazy. Either I am getting too smart for TV/Movies/Books or being predictable is intentional. What do you think?

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