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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Go Green!

Everybody’s doing it; cutting back, eliminating paper & plastic waste, finding innovative ways to save time and resources. The best way to cut back on waste is to not have to create it in the first place. Reducing the amount of paper used during a tradeshow is one way to reduce waste. By utilizing already existing Smartphone apps, attendees, exhibitors and management can organize and control data according to their specific needs.

Registration Control Systems (RCS) use of ground-breaking web-based, cloud computing provides a cost-effective and efficient tradeshow registration system. The trademarked ExpoSmart Smartphone system can supplement traditional registration and lead retrieval services for all participants; event management, speakers, exhibitors and attendees. Not only does RCS ExpoSmart Smartphone systems reduce waste, but also reduces cost and use of space as well as eliminates wait times.

This self-service system begins before the show with attendees registering their Smartphone’s. They can then print their own badges at on-site badge printing stations and create their own ExpoCart. This innovative service lets all participants collect information on people, places, pictures and products they wish to remember from their tradeshow experience. This information can be accessed during and after the show.

Reports can be created before, during and after the event and is conveniently accessible 24/7. Surveys, feedback and opinion poll data can be collected and can assist event management in launching effective attendance and exhibitor promotions. RCS can customize surveys and polls and other event data as specified by show management. RCS truly provides a highly functional and flexible registration service via their ExpoSmart system.
By using already existing technology, RCS has found a way to help tradeshow participants do their part in Going Green. Almost all services can now be provided using technology and products tradeshow participants already have at their fingertips. 

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