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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book People

I am a “book person.” If you are also a “book person,” then you know what I mean. If you are not, let me explain:

I love books. I love the smell, the feel, the weight in my hands, the words on the page. I love ebooks too, but when I love a paper book then I keep a copy to have because I might read it again. The books I doubt I will read again I give away. This is the key to “book people.” When they give you a book they will say one of two things.
  1. When you are finished go ahead and give it away for someone else to enjoy.
  2. When you are finished please RETURN IT TO ME!!!!!

Chances are very good that if I want it returned I have written, stamped, stickered or possibly engraved my name, address, SSN & phone numbers, etc.; JUST so you will return it to me.

If a “book person” loans you a book PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OFIT! That means you do not bend down the pages to mark your place. That is what bookmarks are for. If you need a bookmark I have plenty, but really a SHEET OF TOILET PAPER WORKS JUST FINE TOO!

Also, don’t get the book wet or drop it in the mud or we might accuse you of being Gaston, or in other words, “Positively primeval.” And No, that is not a compliment.

If you have had the book for a while we might ask you about it, casually, but really we’re freaking out because you have had it long enough for us to have read it about four times. So to not look too freakish we ask, “So how’s XXX book coming? Did you like it?”
Do Not Say; oh, I borrowed a book?  Also, do not say, Oh, You wanted that back?
We Made That Point Very Clear. Especially if my name is written/stamped/stickered/engraved on the inside (by the way, Yes, I have a book engraver, my mother gave it to me) that is a sure sign of wanting it back.

Many “book people” will not loan out their books. It only takes one or two of the, Gee, I think I put it on my bookshelf somewhere… Or, the borrower moves away.  With your book. …to get a “book person,” to stop loaning out their books.

Personally, I don’t keep as many books that I have already read as you might think. I have a lot of books but most of them have not been read and that is why I still have them. I have a couple of collections (Jennifer Crusie, The Little House Books, The Anne Books, some Judy Boltonmysteries) but for the most part once I have read a book I am done with it. I do not re-read them because I remember them. If I LOVED it then I will keep it, i.e.; Jennifer Crusie. No. I don’t lend those out. Anymore.

…just sayin’

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  1. There is actually a series called the Judy Bolton mysteries? That is too funny. I haven't read the other author ..Crus...something, I will have to look her up. I no longer loan out my Agatha Christie books which is sad because they are so available. I also hold my Austen, Doyle, and Tolkien pretty dear. All others I will loan....with death threats.


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