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Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's a blog

I’ve been reading some other people’s blogs and I realized something.
I try too hard.

I guess being an English Major and all, and wanting to get my MFA and PhD in English and Writing I’m obsessed with my sentence structure, grammar and whatnot.
Turns out I don’t have to.
As a matter of fact I can end a sentence with a participle.
Take that!

I also found out that I should have a theme. Something I talk about consistently; cooking, sewing, fashion, photography, design, crafts.
Not gonna happen.

I just like to babble. Babbling! (ala Meg Ryan in “I.Q.”)

I woke up yesterday morning with this entirely new concept for my Ranch Hand story.
Most of it stays the same, but I got a first line.

“I fell in love in five days. The Truly, Madly, Deeply kind. Ridiculous? Maybe for some, but it really happened and I’ll tell you how. It all started when …”

And his line.

“I fell in love at first sight. I was sent to pick up a late-comer, a girl, the freebie visitor from the promotion. I figured the hottie brunette in front of the train station was my girl. Her back was to me and when she turned around, her lips in a pucker behind her compact, it hit me. Hard. But I chalked (is it ‘chalked’ or ‘chocked’?) it up to Lady Lust and dismissed it. But it was love.”

And it goes on like that. I’m thinking I drop the suspense/killer story. But whatever. Still undecided about that.

I felt the thin, taut line between sanity and insanity today.
I have too much to do and not enough people to do it. I’m one person with two hands, two feet and one brain. No money and very little motivation.

I keep thinking about the “assignments” I have that God gave me and wondering why I “kick against the pricks” and don’t just drop everything and Get On That. I’m scared.

“I’m looking down, Shrek!”


  1. I have bits and pieces of books I get ideas for, write down, and promptly lose. My consolation is that Harry Potter started on napkins. Perhaps someday. There is always too much to do and never enough time. Of course, I am usually my own worst enemy. Hang in there donkey, and remember someone is there getting you across the bridge!

  2. Thanks Tonia! And you're right about the napkins (yay!) and the fact that Donkey did make it to the other side of that awful bridge! :)


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