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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Golden Rule Girl

My VBFF (Very Best Friend Forever—who has another nickname I won’t go into today) calls me “The Golden Rule Girl.” I love this, however, I have found that it tends to get me into trouble with those that expect something different. Ah, yes, that lovely word: Expectations. Not something I emphasize too much. I have them; for myself, for my children, of course… However, I don’t judge others based on mine. Well, maybe my children, and a little bit my husband, but certainly not those outside my immediate family. I don’t see the point. No, not even with my parents or siblings. They are who they are and that is no bearing on me. I cannot say for certain that that is reciprocal however.

What it means is that I treat others they way I expect them to treat me. The problem with this is that I have pretty low expectations of others therefore I can tick people off without realizing it. I can also be completely unaware of how my actions affect others. I really have no clue. I do not ever mean to offend but I am sure that I do and have. I am truly sorry if you have been a victim of my complete cluelessness, know that it is not done maliciously or even knowingly. I am just toodling around in my life hoping that other people are not bothered by my seeming indifference. Maybe I am indifferent, if so then it is because I really have no idea.

It also means that I speak my mind. The other missionaries I worked with used to call me “Sister Blunt.” I was not necessarily proud of this distinction, I just really did not know any other way to communicate. I was not and am not much of a flirt. I really do not understand the concept. Why would you not just tell people how you feel? This baffles me.

So if I have perchance, and probably so, offended you in some way, I am sorry. I probably have no idea I have done so. I may or may not have intentionally targeted you or yours. It was certainly not meant to harm, I am just trying to be myself. I am sorry if that offends you but chances are slim that I will change. I like being blunt. I like being straightforward. I like speaking my mind. I also like being unpredictable (read: undependable) but see the downfall to that. I hope this clears it all up for you.


  1. this was interesting. I still think that people should not get offended by others, it is there choice. They can just choose to ignore it. Usually when people get offended: it seems like they are already insecure about that area or are not sure about what they even think about the subject etc. Or they get scared that something new is presented to them and everything they ever knew, they are questioning. It is important to know both of views if you agree or not. If you know the other peoples argument then your own argument will most likely become stronger. For example if you want to gain more knowledge in a the Mormon religion, you wouldn't go to a anti Mormon, you need to go right to the source. This would work for any religion or subject. etc. you get the idea.

    Sorry, I wrote that so fast. I hope I didnt offend you...haha.

  2. Heather, you crack me up! I agree with what you're saying though!

  3. I wish I could be more blunt. I think it indicates a level of confidence. I am constantly weighing how what I say might affect the person that I am talking to or about. And even then I manage to piss someone off. Oh well! I love you attitude and always have!
    Take Care.

  4. I have no filter either!It's cool with me!


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